None of the semi-private session time slots work for me. Will you have any new time slots? 




Can I just drop into a session? 









What if I miss a session? 

I encourage you to schedule your own LYF semi-private training program with friends and/or coworkers that have similar goals, fitness levels and schedules. Please contact us if the time you are looking for is not already on the schedule and/or you'd prefer to train out of another location in NYC!

The beauty of LYF's SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING is that we're working as a close-knit group of people to reach our individual goals in twelve weeks. Because we're developing our own short-hand and have each session workout planned in advance we are closed to the public. However, I'm happy to work 1:1 with you or schedule LYF SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING program for you and your friends/coworkers!

If you have to pause your sessions due to unexpected medical condition we'll pause your program and you can rejoin a future semi-private group training program for the remainder of your program after you submit a doctor's note clearing you to return to the program. 

If you miss a session and would like to make it up with Caitlin you can purchase 1:1 sessions. 

Am I fit or strong enough to join? 





















Are payment plans available? 



If you have good body awareness and have no major injuries, you can apply to join our SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING programs on a rolling basis. 

To make sure you have the best experience in class, we suggest you get comfortable with the following skills before participating in our SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING program:

1. Hold a stable plank for 30 seconds on your hands with good alignment; stable core and natural curve in your back. 

2. Maintain a deep knee bend (or low squat) without pain.  

3. Have enough coordination to perform full range walking lunges (front, back and side) and using light resistance without trouble. 

If you have special needs, injuries, have not strength trained for a prolonged period of time, or feel de-conditioned, please set up a 1:1 (private) DISCOVERY session with me first so I can assess your needs and level so we can find the appropriate program for you. 

Yes! Our semi-private training program plans are available for a one-time payment, or 2-3 payments. Check back for more details soon!


PLUS: LYF now offers e-gift certificates so you can add them to your holiday wish list!!



What is included online? 

Social media support and inspiration on Instagram

Weekly emails and feedback for your eyes only! 

All training materials are delivered digitally via email or a private platform. 


Want to contact me directly? Great! I'll respond within 24 business hours. 

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