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Katherine: How This Bride-to-Be Is Training Her Way to Success

Katherine: How This Bride-to-Be Is Training Her Way to Success

Between moving, planning her June 2017 wedding and working full time, it was a challenge for Katherine to prioritize healthy habits. Sound familiar? 

Our initial February goal: create a progressively challenging program to keep Katherine excited about reaching her June goals. How did we reach her goals consistently leading up to her wedding? My training blueprint starts off the same with each person: 

I incorporate five essential components into your personal program:

  1. strength training
  2. nutrition coaching
  3. cardio programming 
  4. corrective exercise + rest days
  5. motivation + accountability

Our initial discovery session allows me to tailor each component above to suit your history, current fitness levels and future goals.

This way we set up a map for success so we consistently reach your small and large milestones with weekly check-ins, celebrations and program modifications as needed (vacations, busy schedules, etc.)!

In Katherine's case, we started with basic programming and worked our way up to advanced training one month before the wedding so she felt at the top of her game on her wedding day!

Today Katherine shares how she reached her goal of toning up while feeling energized and strong over the past five months with me:

My upcoming wedding was the catalyst for personal training. I'd been off the fitness/nutrition wagon for a solid year and knew I needed help to get back on track!
I think personal training is a great investment, even if you can only commit to a few sessions at the outset. The best way to set yourself up for success is to hire a trainer who is super knowledgeable to create a tailored plan, hold you accountable and help you achieve your unique goals.
I was most surprised by how the nutrition component helped me feel healthy and energized throughout Caitlin's program. Tracking what I ate and drank for the first two months, which Caitlin encouraged me to doreally helped me understand portion control and figure out which foods were making me feel good and bad.
I'm most proud of being back in 'cardio shape'. Thanks in part to strength training two to three times a week with Caitlin over the past four months, I've developed the endurance to complete other strenuous cardio activities, like The Class
Caitlin's sessions are challenging, but also fun and varied. It's surprising how fast time goes by! I'm never watching the clock and always bummed when my time with Caitlin is up. 

So what comes after the big day?!

Katherine plans to continue personal training post-honeymoon to maintain her new healthy habits. Meanwhile, LYF's next #inspiration post will shine a light on Jaclyn, who shares why she opted to train before and after her biggest physical challenge to date! 



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