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Congratulations to these AMAZING five women

Congratulations to these AMAZING five women

Congratulations to VIP LYFers (Winter 2017) who ROCKED their last session of their 12 week training!!

Each and every one of you overcame small or large unexpected setbacks and still SHOWED UP. Right there - that's SUCCESS. Remember when...


* Holding a 30 second forearm plank or a wall sit (squat) was beyond challenging the first month?

* Waking up in the dark to work out ONCE at 7:15am seemed impossible? Never mind 24 times in a row!!

* You thought "macros" sounded like a Greek island? * When the #WRECK bags looked super intimidating?

* Using just resistance bands ranging from 3-12 pounds, made you sweaty and sore the first month? * You had your first major nutrition education breakthrough?

* Dead lifting and squatting with 10-20 pound kettle bells left you breathless (even with lots of 30-60 second breaks) the second month?

* Nutrition labels and GOOD FOOD, GOOD LYF guides started making sense? * You started looking forward to seeing what else you were capable of?

* The first session this month using the same kettle bells PLUS 20-35 pound WRECK bags in super sets was beyond exhausting?

* Our last four sessions where we're in "active recovery" with planks, marching/toe tapping and more with only 15 second breaks once in a while?!

* The last time you secretly impressed yourself with a new exercise or received a shout-out from a fellow VIP LYFer? 


Whether you realize it or not, you've come incredibly far in just 12 weeks. You've disrupted old exercise and nutrition habits, made new friends, overcome internal and external obstacles and changed your mindset to complete this 12-week VIP LYF program.


I shared nutrition, exercise, rest day and self-care guides and programming to guide, motivate and inspire you. It was up to you to follow those guidelines, recommendations and challenges and put in the work; you're feeling AND seeing the results only YOU could generate. No one else can do that for you!


So take a moment to bask in your success! You deserve it. I'm so proud of you guys!!

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Thank you!

Thank you!