Are you ready to meet your strongest, most confident self?

I work with passionate, career-driven women like you who are ready to level up their fitness and fall in love with the way they move while at the same time feeling:

Supported. Motivated. Purposeful.

I especially adore working with women who want to feel strong and move thoughtfully - whether you're a seasoned gym buff or a newbie!

Do you want to fall in love with you move and feel?

With me by your side, you can! 

I'll guide you through a personalized training program based on your unique needs and goals. Together, we'll unlock your inner strength and help you feel confident in your own body while having fun with:

  • strength training  
  • cardio 
  • corrective exercise  
  • yoga  
  • nutrition coaching  
  • pre-/post-natal training

Your needs and lifestyle are different from just about anyone else’s. Shouldn't your program also be unique? Exercise, self care and nutrition are most effective when they are tailored to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals.


Consider me your nerdy and invested coach!

Interested in working together? 

What are others saying about LYF? 

...And honestly, I don’t know why your form of torture is fun, but it is!
— Ysette Guevara
Caitlin is the best starting point for this ‘journey’!

I’ve gotten stronger and my body composition has changed. But the biggest positive change is my approach to food. It’s not that I’ve completely changed the way I eat, but now I’m more conscious of how to nourish myself.
— Mitzi Torres
In May of 2015 I was in a serious train accident resulting in a shattered pelvis and hip. By that summer I had a few surgeries behind me and a few more ahead, and I knew I was facing a long road to recovery. Thankfully, Caitlin entered my life at this point!

I was a long-time runner who physically and mentally loved hitting the payment on a regular and occasionally competitive basis. I was used to and craved a daily exercise routine. Following the accident, however, I knew I first needed to re-gain some basic range of motion and a lot of strength, but I also needed a new routine, a new approach to staying healthy and a new mindset. With her positive attitude, personable nature, amazing knowledge in health, wellness and fitness, Caitlin was truly a lifesaver.

When Caitlin and I first started working together I had extreme muscle atrophy following a month of bed rest and 3 months of non-weight bearing. I couldn’t climb stairs or tie my shoes but Caitlin took on my unique and challenging case with much needed determination and positive outlook. Caitlin’s expertise coupled with her great attitude has helped turn a personally challenging experience into a hopeful and even enjoyable one. She offers so much variety and we mix up our sessions between intense personal training and gentle to more challenging yoga. The hyper-personalized program she’s created has helped me literally get back on my feet and actually feeling strong and healthy again!
— Kate Varnum McFarland
Caitlin is an amazing personal trainer. Her passion as a health and fitness educator isn’t just about nutrition and exercise. She also integrates mind-power and emotional balance as part of a healthy lifestyle.

When I first started working with Caitlin I weighed 250 pounds and was very unhappy with my life. After adapting Caitlin’s approach to health and fitness, I successfully lost 40 pounds in six months and I’m more active and happy.

To this day, I still apply her techniques in my daily life. I’m honored to have worked with her and I’m thankful for her guidance. I’ve gained my life back!

— Karen Maquilan, Founder of 30/40/30 Foodie, NJ
What sets Caitlin apart from other trainers? How she understands this journey is both physical and mental.

I tell everyone to work with Caitlin. She’s knowledgeable and makes sure the environment is a safe space for people who are self-conscious like I am.

Caitlin has been such a huge support and guiding force in my path to fitness and health. I owe her my life!
— Amy Almeida, Massage Therapist, NY
I knew I had to get in shape after deciding to cycle 2,000 miles from New Jersey to Florida. Caitlin was the only person I could ever trust to train me because I knew she would push me without breaking me.

Caitlin not only made sure I was physically ready for the demanding ride and also mentally ready.

Her dedication not only matched mine but some days she was even more motivated than me! She inspired me to try harder and helped me achieve my goals. She’s always made me feel like she’s my biggest cheerleader.
— Patricia Alfonso, Independent Management Consultant, NY


Six years ago I was burning out, career-wise, and searching for balance. But consistent yoga practice, exercise, meditation and nourishing food seemed like luxuries for other people with time.

A physical wake-up call and a mentor inspired me to put my health first, leave my cushy corporate gig and help others.

Over the next few years I worked as an Elite Personal Trainer at Crunch and completed my RYT-200 training with Om Factory NYC (Kevin Bigger and Amanda Winkler).

I took the plunge and launched Lavelle Yoga Fit (LYF) in 2015 to bring yoga, strength training, cardio, corrective exercise and nutrition coaching directly to you. 

While my title may be "coach" I'm a lifelong student because my students' physical and mental transformations inspire me to take risks and continue my education. 

I especially adore working with people who want to focus on their long-term well-being, make lasting body composition changes or reducing their pain/discomfort.  

I found my way back to work-life balance and wellness through movement. My mission is to help people just like you find inner strength and joy through movement too.


Celebrity gossip (!) every morning, dark chocolate every night and a perfect margarita once in a while. 


Providing accountability, motivation and a cohesive program designed just for you. Goals, targets and challenges. Lots and lots of coffee. Constant research and continuing education. I'm always studying. Done-for-you resources. Making solid plans. Education. Feedback and support. Laughing at our inside jokes. Confidentiality. Following up. Proven strategies and tactics. Asking lots of questions. Listening and creating actionable recommendations for real results.


National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certified Personal Trainer

Corrective Exercise Specialist

American Council on Exercise

Group Fitness Instructor


RIP Instructor

STC Instructor


Yoga Alliance

Registered Yoga Teacher (200; Vinyasa, Hatha)

Pre-/Post Natal Specialist

Yoga Tune Up® 

Roll Model Method Practitioner®

Animal Flow

Level I Instructor

Level II Instructor